She-eo’s deliberately prioritizing themselves, before their businesses daily, so they can GLOW

About Us

We are a community created for women entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Founders and Business owners to help them develop a mindset and lifestyle of daily wellness, self-love and self-care.


The art of She-eo’s prioritizing themselves before their businesses daily so they can GLOW (Grow, Love, Own, Win)


Why You Should Join

  1. Monthly "Glow Up" Experiences (to include guest experts/speakers, virtual events, fireside chats)
  2. You'll get instant access to all conversations in our member portal, where you'll join rooms where meaningful, transparent, "let your hair down" authentic and relatable conversations are being had with other amazing SHE-EO's just like you.
  3. The GLOW Vault filled with step-by-step strategies, practices, tips, templates, and blueprints you can use to level up your wellness, self care, and self love fast 
  4. Fun Monthly Community Challenges to infuse wellness and rest into your daily routine
  5. Your own custom community profile so other members can learn more about you to help foster more meaningful connections and accountability
  6. Weekly "Glow Girl" check-ins from our Community Founder, Candice Denise
  7. Monthly reminders to help you remember to schedule and prioritize your needs (doctors appointments, mental health breaks, personal retreats, etc)
  8. Write off as a business expense (Lower your taxes by writing off the entire cost of membership as a legitimate business expense)
  9. Access to shop our exclusive GS Merch in our private online store 
  10. Replay Hub where you will find recordings of past webinars & trainings to watch on your time and reference in the future.
  11. A supportive circle of like-minded women entrepreneurship’s eager to celebrate your GLOW’s, motivate you through missteps, and give you the accountability you so desperately need to stay focused on your wellness, self care and self love.


Monthly Membership is NON-Refundable, but there are no obligations or contract, members can unsubscribe at any time.

Glow SHE-EO is NOT personal therapy. Most of our team are not trained psychiatrist and do not carry clinical backgrounds. It is important that you arrive to our membership program with the intention of using the membership for self-regulation of personal wellness, self-care and self-love.  

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